How to charge your battery from your motorhome

Guest Contributor writes: 

During the course of our recent Vets Tournaments, it became evident quite a few of our “Gray Nomads” are not aware of how cheap and easy it is to have 240v for recharging Gps,  trundler batteries, toothbrushes, phones, power packs etc,  in their campers when you are unable to plug into a power source.

The unseemly race and/or fight for the few 240v outlets , or hiding a power box in the clubhouse could be a thing of the past.

The simple addition of a 1kw (1000W) Pure Sinewave inverter, hard wired direct to your house battery (most campers have 2 batteries) means you can recharge your devices, phones, and trundler without any effort.   Most charging units for your batteries require very little amperage so don’t be fooled into buying a bigger unit, and the small .300-.600 units are often unavailable in pure Sinewave power and are not up to overload requirements. 1 kw is plenty. Most campers have solar charging too, and quickly replace what power is used.

A 1kw inverter can be purchased for as little as $225.00 on Trade Me.  Installation is as simple as connecting red to positive, and black to negative on your battery. If you only have 1 big battery this is still fine as the power is only drawing when the inverter is on, and charging usually takes around 1.30 hrs.

We run a 4 unit gang plug from our inverter and charge a battery, plus the GPS and mobile phones at the same time. This is under a couch but could just as easily be mounted on the face of a settee or in a cupboard. When charging is complete, just turn the inverter off, as it uses some power even when not charging. Being hardwired has the advantage that it works even when travelling between golf courses, as many modern campers automatically turn off power when the motor is started.

Pure Sinewave is a must, as mobiles and some batteries do not like ‘altered’ Sinewave charging. We also charge our cordless vacuum cleaner, laptop and any other non heating element devices.

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