About The Association

We are an “umbrella” organization that exists to:

  • Promote & foster golf and golf tournaments
  • To offer assistance and advice to clubs organizing tournaments as required
  • Minimise potential timing clashes of those tournaments
  • Allocate and coordinate National and International golf tournaments

NZ Veteran Golfers need to be aged; 50+ for Women    and     55+ for Men.

Tournaments can be men only, men & women and mixed.

Tournaments can be for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days duration.

Locations cover at least 44 courses with multi day events. Local districts also hold one day matches for which every registered senior golfer is welcome for a nominal fee.

For further information see calendar, news, entry forms and results.
Information also available by:   Email nzvetsgolf@gmail.com

or by phoning the NZVGA Secretary Launa Seddon 07 544 7124 or 022 309 5495

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